BREAKING: Watergate Journalist Issues Historic Warning About the REAL Donald Trump

To many, Trumps frequent lies and aversion to facts are well known.  But a famed Watergate journalist believes Trump’s hatred of the truth puts this country in historic danger.  

Carl Bernstein, the reporter who broke the Watergate scandal, recently discussed the president-elect on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”  On the show, Bernstein called Trump the worst liar in American history.

Bernstein confirmed what most of us know already, that “Trump lives and thrives in a fact-free environment.”  This is what has troubled many people about Trump, as a President that won’t acknowledge facts probably won’t make good policy decisions.

But Bernstein took things even further.  During his fierce monologue, Bernstein said, “No president, including Richard Nixon, has been so ignorant of fact and disdains fact in the way this president-elect does.”

This is a man who has seen the worst in lies and corruption coming out of Washington.  To be called a worse liar than Nixon by the man that reported on Watergate is quite a dubious achievement.

Bernstein backed up his claims by citing several of Trump’s tweets.  For instance, Trump has frequently used his twitter account to denounce unfavorable news coverage of himself.

Bernstein also mentioned Trump’s irrational attacks on Chuck Jones, the union leader that challenged Trump’s claims about the Carrier jobs deal.  Instead of responding rationally, Trump personally attacked Jones for daring to question his claims.

It’s been no secret that Trump makes irrational decisions and is completely divorced from reality.  But Bernstein has put Trump’s pathological lying into historical perspective, and it’s absolutely scary.

We now seem to be in store for the most corrupt Presidential administration in the history of this country.  Hopefully, brave journalists such as Bernstein will continue to hold Trump accountable for all this lies and deceits.

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