Sen. Warren Calls for NO CONFIRMATIONS for Trump’s Corrupt Cabinet. Is She Right?

Thankfully, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have been leading the charge against Trump’s tyranny. Now, Warren is epically kicking things up a notch.

Warren just threw down the gauntlet to Team Trump on Twitter again. She’s calling for none of Trump’s cabinet picks to be confirmed until they’ve all been fully vetted by the Government Ethics Office.

New revelations out this week indicate that Trump’s goons have been ignoring emails from the Government Ethics Office. So Warren is basically saying: we’re going to ignore your picks until your picks stop ignoring their conflicts of interest.

Republicans are trying cram Trump’s picks through their confirmations before Democrats can respond. But Warren is flexing her political muscle and saying that that’s not going to happen on her watch.

And it’s not surprising at all that Team Trump is being so sketchy about these confirmations. For instance, Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has numerous close financial ties to Russia and thus countless conflicts of interest.

These Republicans are hoping they can get these picks passed without the American people being any the wiser. But the good news is that Warren’s not going to let them get away with this without a fight.

Trump and their goons are putting their own personal interests over the interests of the nation. We need to support heroes like Warren because she’s one of our biggest hopes in Washington right now.

Thank goodness we can count on Warren and Bernie Sanders to fight the good fight. It’s clear that we’re going to need these brave leaders dearly in the months ahead.

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