BREAKING – Hundreds of U.S. Veterans “Deploy” to Standing Rock to Defend Protesters


As the government prepares for Donald Trump’s presidency, they have increasingly become violent with protesters fighting to protect land belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux. Protesters have shown incredible resolve through all of this, maintaining a peaceful but firm presence.

Now, a courageous group of veterans is making plans to go to North Dakota to personally guard the protesters! They are planning a “peaceful, unarmed militia” to protect these heroic protesters from the disgusting actions of our government. Over 600 veterans have confirmed that they will be part of this, and thousands more have been invited. At least one member of Congress plans to attend, as well.

CNN confirms that these brave souls are actually bringing their own protective equipment, including gas masks and body armor.

Help isn’t arriving a moment too soon. The government has been escalating its felonious assaults on water protecters. For example, they deployed water cannons against the crowd in 26-degree weather. This led to hypothermia for hundreds and could have resulted in death.

Even worse, at least one protester may need her arm amputated after unprovoked attacks from our militarized police state.

This has to stop. Far too many have been injured by gunfire, threatened, harassed, and intimidated by a government that is in the back pocket of corporate interests.

Whatever you do, do not blindly accept the myth that we are free in this country. Native Americans are still being attacked and repressed. The greed of corporations and the politicians they own is insatiable, and there’s no end in sight. This will only get worse as Donald Trump comes to Washington and brings his big business buddies with him.

We are proud of our brave veterans who are standing up to oppression and giving voice to those who have none. Thank you all for your service.

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