BREAKING: Criminal Attorney Gives the Case for Trump Going to JAIL

Many people are calling for Trump’s impeachment due to his lies and conflicts of interest. Now, a former criminal attorney says that Trump is guilty of a crime and belongs in jail.

Former criminal attorney Seth Abramson cites Trump’s antics as evidence that acts like a guilty man. He then points out on Twitter that Trump shares many behaviors with criminals that are guilty of committing a crime.

Abramson then goes over the 12 behaviors that guilty people use to try and hide their crimes:

  1. They allege a conspiracy against themselves.
  2. They try to distract attention by raising irrelevant issues.
  3. They avoid speaking about facts.
  4. They point out the support of people not associated with the allegations to build credibility.
  5. They avoid taking questions.
  6. They put blame on others.
  7. They use self-righteousness or anger as a distraction.
  8. They complain that law enforcers are unfair.
  9. They say the alleged crime was impossible or improbable.
  10. They misstate the facts and say they have nothing to hide.
  11. They manipulate witnesses to make it harder to for an investigation.
  12. They deny any relationships that would make committing the crime more likely.

These behaviors all sound like our crooked president. Trump likes to distract us from his crimes by bringing up phony conspiracies about illegal voters and inauguration crowds.

Trump also keeps denying any relationship to Russia and Vladimir Putin. He avoids the facts, tells ridiculous lies, and attacks anyone that challenges him.

For instance, his response to the allegations that his campaign team was in contact with Russia was to attack the intelligence community and threaten to investigate the leaks. Trump’s definitely got something to hide, and he’s working overtime to keep it under wraps.

Trump has all the signs of a guilty criminal. We need to keep pushing Congress to investigate Trump and bring him to justice.

The stakes are much higher here than even a standard criminal trial. It’s not a hyperbole to say that the Donald Trump’s corruption has disastrous consequences for the entire nation.

The Office of the President  is supposed to house the leader of our nation and it would be ineffective if it did not have the ability to impact the whole country. But it also necessarily means that it can do just as much harm as good.

And based on everything we’ve seen so far, the harm that Trump will do will far outweigh any possible good he could do.

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