BREAKING: Trump’s NASTY Deal With Big Pharma EXPOSED – This Is Corrupt

After the CEO of a Big Pharma company won Donald Trump’s ear, Trump overruled the Food and Drug Administration and allowed this CEO to bring an experimental and potentially dangerous drug to market without any further laboratory tests. THIS is what corruption looks like, and if this drug unleashes dangerous side effects, the blood will be on Trump’s hands.

Here’s what we know so far. John Crowley, CEO of Amicus Therapeutics Inc., met with Trump back in February after the FDA told Crowley he’d need to submit his rare-disease drug for another clinical trial. That’s when EVERYTHING changed.

“In a rare and surprising reversal, the Food and Drug Administration gave Amicus Therapeutics Inc. the greenlight Tuesday to submit its rare-disease drug, Galafold, for an accelerated review process,” Ars Technica reports. “That’s despite the agency previously saying that the drug maker needed to run another clinical trial to better evaluate side-effects—which it hasn’t—before the agency would consider reviewing the drug.”

Well, it’s obvious that SOME kind of pay-to-play occurred during Crowley’s meeting with Trump. The timing is just way too sketchy.

First, the FDA comes down hard on Crowley’s potentially dangerous drug, and then after meeting with Trump the FDA no longer has any problems and ACCELERATES Crowley’s review process? This is NOT safe, this is NOT normal, and it’s a clear indication that some sort of corrupt deal has occurred.

Playing politics by gambling with lives is just what Team Trump does. Selling out to Big Pharma so that they can have even MORE exorbitant profits isn’t defending the American people—it’s defending corporate interests.

And this move shows that, under Trump, the FDA is now completely politicized. Gone are the days that the FDA was a real regulatory body—now it’s just a rubber stamp for Trump’s corrupt bribery system.

Make no mistake, folks, this is ALL about the money. The stocks of Crowley’s company dropped when the FDA asked for more clinical trials, so his appeal to Trump was simply an appeal to save his profits.

Thus an experimental and largely untested drug is now about to dangerously enter the market just so Crowley can save a few bucks. THIS is the sick vision that Trump has for America.

If we don’t oust Trump soon, this unhinged brand of corruption will only continue. Enough is enough.

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Trump’s toxic agenda has surpassed even our worst nightmares. If he has his way, THOUSANDS of American families will be ruined.

America is so much better than this. We deserve so much better than this.

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