WATCH: GOP Confirms Trump’s Cabinet Won’t Even Be Given BACKGROUND Checks

Considering all the controversy with Trump’s cabinet picks, Reince Priebus now states that vetting is not needed. Sure, billionaires not submitting financial documents are ethical shining examples.

During an interview on Fox Noise, Priebus stated that there was no need for background checks. That’s right – the chairman of the Republican party doesn’t believe in background checks for Republicans.

The American people have a right to know how all these rich nominees became rich. What are they trying to hide?

Perhaps there are skeletons in the closet, as with HHS nominee Tom Price. Price is under investigation for insider trading, all gained from his House Budget Committee chairmanship.

There could also be ties to the Russian government. Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson has extensive financial ties with Russia, as does Donald Trump.

Here’s Priebus openly advocating corruption:

Proper vetting could also reveal that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has no experience in education. She is nothing but a wealthy lobbyist for school vouchers and the destruction of public education.

The ethics commission is vocal on the need to review Trump’s nominations. The demagogue Trump, though, continues to push them through.

President Obama’s nominees went through an extensive review by the ethics commission and came out clean. It is doubtful that Trump’s nominees will do the same.

Democrats need to be thorough in their interrogations of Trump’s elitist mob of nominees. Their lack of experience and desires to eliminate such agencies as the EPA and Departments of Energy and Education will wreck this nation.

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