WATCH: Trump Has Weird Meltdown on Camera. Mental Experts Are Worried.

In Donald Trump’s latest mind-bending gaffe, he outrageously forgets the name of Paul Ryan two times before realizing that it’s not “Ron” Ryan. Mental health experts are seriously concerned that this incident is just the latest evidence of Trump’s of early-onset Alzheimer’s.

To be clear, Trump’s mental state seems to be rapidly declining since he’s taken office, and countless American psychiatrists have already raised red flags accordingly. He’s losing carrier groups, forgetting what countries he’s bombed, and the logic-defying gaffes keep piling up.

In his latest scatterbrained incident in Wisconsin, Trump disturbingly referred to Paul Ryan as “Ron” not once but TWICE. It’s clear that the Orange Tyrant is not mentally all there.

“I said, Ron, you’ve got to get these countries to start paying their bills a little bit more,” Trump said, mistakenly referring to Ryan as Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. “They’re way, way behind, Ron.”

Trump then FINALLY realized that he was ridiculously conflating two separate people and pointed at Sen. Johnson in the crowd. “I’m going to talk to you about that too, Ron,” Trump said.

Benedict Donald tried to recover from his moronic mistake, but it was too little, too late. “Paul, you’re over with NATO,” he grumbled. “Get them to pay their bills, and Ron, you’ll have to work on that too.”

Seriously, how does Trump not remember the name of the a) Speaker of the House, b) the person he worked closest with on Trumpcare, and c) the person who he BLAMED Trumpcare’s failure entirely upon? No wonder America’s psychiatrists are becoming so alarmed.

Indeed, all signs point toward Trump suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Such a diagnosis would totally explain why he forgets who and what he’s talking about, why he uses dozens of filler words in his conversations, and why he starts talking slower the longer he talks.

Alzheimer’s is a very serious disease that can seriously impair the cognitive abilities of even the brightest persons. And the disease is hereditary in nature, which poses a problem for Trump, as his father, Fred, suffered from the disease in his later years.

Trump needs to be sidelined NOW because his mental state is leading to outright incompetency and reckless ineptitude. It’s time for Republicans to put country before party and help the Democrats send Trump packing once and for all.

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Trump’s ineptitude is linked to both his personality and his deteriorating mental state, that much is clear. And the alarming reality is that Trump’s only going to keep getting worse so long as he’s still in the White House.

It’s the duty of every Progressive in America to rise up in the face of Trump’s incompetence. If we don’t continue to fight Trump day-in and day-out, then we’ll effectively be rolling over and ALLOWING Trump to continue his downward spiral at the helm of the free world.

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