WATCH: Trump Appoints Wall Street Crook… to “Police” Wall Street

Another day, another crooked Trump appointee. This time, business magnate and business takeover chief Carl Icahn will serve as a special adviser for Trump.

Icahn is one of the most crooked businessmen in the nation, and he will have the ear of the president. The influence of billionaires in the Trump administration will spell agony for the working middle-class and poor in this country.

Businessman Carl Icahn built his empire by business takeovers. This is taking over a company by going to the shareholders or replacing management until the acquisition is approved.

While legal, these takeovers usually result in job losses for millions of workers while those who take over the businesses rake in millions.

Icahn is also opposed to many business and environmental regulations. He states that regulations are costly to businesses and result in unnecessary paperwork.

Icahn states that businesses should be free of regulations so that they can create jobs and support communities. This brand of unbridled capitalism and trickle-down economics have done nothing to help jobs and communities, though.

As we have seen in the past, profits take precedence over communities and jobs. The results are empty factories and job losses caused by jobs being sent overseas as well as a nationwide recession.

President Obama has done much to improve the lives of working Americans, but we cannot expect the same from Trump. With the appointments of billionaires to his cabinet and influential posts, the working man and woman will get the short end of the stick.

Congress, the media, and all working Americans must oppose the takeover of our nation by billionaire elitists. This wealthy takeover will destroy the middle class.

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