Trump Tried to SILENCE Outspoken Union Leader – But It Backfired

Trump has been relentless in his attacks on Carrier union leader Chuck Jones. But his attempts to bully Jones won’t have the effect he wanted.

Refusing to back down, Jones has recently published an op-ed in the Washington Post. Instead of being silenced, the tenacious union boss has upped the ante.

In the article, Jones details the United Steelworker’s efforts to protect 1,100 jobs from going to Mexico. He explains how the union was able to come up with $23 million in savings.

But this wasn’t enough for Carrier, who planned to save $65 million by moving all those jobs out of the US. This was a number that the union couldn’t match without taking all the workers it represents below the poverty line.

So the union was left with little choice but to try and negotiate on severance packages instead. That’s when Trump got involved and mucked things up.

Jones details how Trump lied to the worker’s faces about the number of Carrier jobs that would be saved. Then he talks about how he had to discuss the real numbers with his heartbroken union.

So instead of saving jobs, Trump gave these workers false hope. And he used the deal for his own political gain.

You have to feel for Jones. He’s fought tirelessly with everything he has for the past few months to save American jobs.  

Now Trump cronies are calling and emailing Jones’ office to make threats against him for daring to call out Trump on his lies. We hope that he and his staff remain safe.

Trump should be apologizing to Jones instead of attacking him. Instead of tweeting out lies in the middle of the night, he should be coming clean with the American people.

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