BREAKING: Trump to Spend 3 MONTHS on Taxpayer Vacations at Luxury Resort

Donald Trump’s nothing but a part-time president. He’s headed back to Mar-a-Lago this weekend for some vacation time.

That’s right, President Trump is headed back to the Sunshine State for the weekend. This will be the fifth weekend that Trump has spent at his estate since his inauguration.

That means Trump has spent about a quarter of his time as President in Mar-a-Lago. This is an unprecedented amount of time away from the White House compared to previous presidents.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced the President’s latest retreat at yesterday’s White House press briefing. Spicer didn’t offer any details about the purpose of the trip, though.

Usually, Trump’s trips to Palm Beach involve official business as well as multiple rounds of golf. We can probably expect more of the same this time.

Trump’s escape to Florida comes at a bad time. There are several national issues that need his attention.

The Trumpcare bill is a disaster. Republicans and Democrats alike are balking at the bill that will cause 14 million Americans to lose their insurance in 2018.

Trump and the Department of Justice also haven’t addressed Trump’s wiretap claims. He remains silent about the accusations, and the Justice Department asked Congress for more time to provide evidence supporting the claims.

Trump has spent nearly every weekend as President at his Mar-a-Lago resort. At this pace, he’ll end up spending a ridiculous 365 days (give or take) on vacation, if he manages to serve a full term as president.

He uses the resort to schmooze with world leaders. First, it was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and next month he’ll host Chinese President Xi Jinping.

This is particularly suspicious timing considering his family just received a $400 MILLION “gift” from China.

Mar-a-Lago also likes to charge big for a chance to rub shoulders with the President. So Trump’s trips to the resort also help his pocketbook.

And tax pays are the ones footing the bill. So far Trump’s trips to his Palm Beach resort have cost taxpayers $10 million.

Much of these costs come from efforts to secure Mar-a-Lago as a presidential retreat. Trump’s trips to Florida require patrols by the coast guard, secret service support, and support from local law enforcement.

These trips aren’t a picnic for the residents of Palm Beach either. There’s limited access Mar-a-Lago, and the President’s travel plans are a major disruption to the people of Palm Beach.

Trump could save the American taxpayer millions by going to Camp David for his escapes instead. The site is already secured and set up to support the presidential entourage.

Camp David’s also already budgeted for. Taxpayers pay for Camp David whether Trump uses it or not.

But Trump doesn’t care about taxpayers or the little guy. He wants to live like a king, so he’ll continue hiding out in his luxurious Florida resort.

Remember how Republicans used to bash former President Obama for his vacations? Now that they’re in power, though, they’re silent about Trump’s frequent trips to his Florida resort.

The Republicans are a bunch of hypocrites. They refuse to criticize Trump for wasting taxpayer money.

Trump is abusing his power as president to take vacations on the taxpayer’s dime. Please help denounce the President for his frequent vacations by sharing this story on Facebook.

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