WATCH: Trump Team Says “Ethics Review” is NOT Required for Cabinet Picks

Donald Trump and his transition team have no morals. Now they’re trying to hide all the misdeeds of Trump’s cabinet picks.

Chris Wallace tried to get clarification from Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus on the ethics reviews for Trump’s cabinet appointees. Instead, Priebus made the ridiculous claim that the appointees don’t need background checks.

The exchange took place on Fox News Sunday. Wallace asked Priebus if he supported delaying the conformations to give the Office of Government Ethics time to finish their review of the appointees.

That’s when Priebus made the asinine comment that there’s no reason to do the background checks. In fact, Priebus seems to think the confirmation hearings need to go forward faster.

Priebus apparently thinks that since the appointees are so highly successful, there’s no way they could have any ethical issues. So the Senate should take the Trump team’s word that his cabinet picks can be trusted?

Wallace didn’t even bother to call Priebus out for his stupid comment. Once again Fox news serves as the water carrier for Republican lies and deceit.

In reality, there are many ethical issues with Trump’s cabinet picks. For instance, Rex Tillerson has ties to Russia.

Trump also named an oil tycoon to run the EPA. His pick for the national economic council director is a Wall Street insider.

But Republicans want to hide all this corruption by pushing the conformations through before the ethics office can do its job. So much for draining the swamp.

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