BREAKING: Trump Signing ‘Executive Orders’ 20 Times FASTER Than Obama

Donald Trump and Republicans falsely accused Obama of being a tyrant for signing too many executive orders. Too bad that it’s now Trump who’s being tyrannical with his own executive order signing spree.

Crunching the numbers reveals that Trump is signing these orders 20 times faster than Obama ever did. The Orange King is on pace to sign 700 orders per year, starkly higher than Obama’s annual average of 34 per year.

Several years ago, Trump went after Obama all the time for his “major grabs of authority.” But Trump’s signing orders at such a breakneck pace that pretty soon he might think of Congress as obsolete altogether.

As a matter of fact, Obama signed the least executive orders of any president in 120 years. But within 3 days Trump’s already set to break Franklin Roosevelt’s record of 3,721 executive orders (signed over 11 years) by the end of his first term in 2021.

Trump’s been using these orders to get what he wants without having to consult with any Senators or Representatives. He’s already used one of his first orders to prepare for the disastrous and deadly gutting of Obamacare.

But of course the bad news doesn’t stop there. Trump’s just signed two more orders to move construction ahead on the hotly protested Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL pipeline.

Some of these executive orders have been all for show, just like Trump’s campaign rhetoric. For example, he signed an order banning America’s entry into the TPP trade agreement … but the agreement was already totally dead in Congress.

Trump is nothing more than a petulant tyrant, so we’ve got hundreds more nightmarish orders to look forward to. Impeachment literally can’t come any faster.

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