BREAKING VIDEO: Trump Loses His Mind, Goes on Crazy Rant Against the CIA

Trump has been going out of his way to disrespect and disregard America’s intelligence community. Too bad he’s just making himself look like a fool on live television.

Trump just held his first official press conference since winning the election. In this conference, Trump blatantly dismissed the CIA and the rest the intelligence community.

America’s spies are now aware that the Russians hacked not just the Democrats but Republican databases, too. But Trump’s looking straight into the nation’s eyes and lying.

“They tried to hack the Republican National Committee,” Trump said. “They were unable to.”

Now’s there’s damning memo that’s being passed around the media that has compromising info on Trump. When asked who he thought was behind the memo, he said “Maybe the intelligence agencies.”

Trump is literally going to war with the CIA. And he’s definitely the first president to have such open contempt for the professionals who protect our country behind the scenes.

It seems like Trump is dead set on destroying the credibility of the CIA. And to our great horror, he may want to disband the agency altogether soon.

Our spies deserve to be treated with honor and respect. But Trump disgustingly used this first press conference to bash these heroes for 30 minutes straight.

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