BREAKING: Trump Photographed Partying With Known Mob Boss. Corrupt Media Silent.

Donald Trump sure loves surrounding himself with rich crooks. Now, he’s rounding out his who’s who of terrible peers by hanging out with a notorious career criminal.

At his corrupt pay-to-play New Year’s bash, Trump was seen hanging out with mafia man Joseph Cinque. That’s right – Trump is rubbing shoulders with the mob just days before taking office.  

The terrible thing is that no one in the mainstream media has covered this story yet. If Obama had been hanging out with a mobster the GOP and the media would have had a field day.

But Trump and Cinque actually are more than just friends. Like many of Trump’s phony business ventures, Trump and Cinque run the sham American Academy of Hospitality Sciences together.

And the AAHS is just a sham because Trump and Cinque use it simply to give Trump’s business’s fake awards. Sounds just about as sincere as Trump University.

Cinque is bad news for sure, in that he’s been a business partner with the Gambino crime boss John Gotti. No mobster should consort with the president, but Trump doesn’t have a problem with it.

Our government is literally about to be run by and for America’s most elite crooks. Trump and Cinque hanging out is yet another clear warning sign of this nightmare scenario.

Let’s raise up our voices now and make sure this story gets the attention it deserves. Trump should not be allowed to hang out with the mafia without paying the price.

Please share this story on Facebook with everyone you know. We cannot let the working class American people be led like sheep to Trump’s elitist and criminal slaughter.

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