JUST IN: Trump Sends Sickening Message to Gold Star Families

Too busy harassing Puerto Rico and the free press, Donald Trump’s all but refused to honor the memory of four American troops who died during a surprise ambush in Niger one week ago. Trump’s disgraceful message to the soon-to-be Gold Star families of these four servicemembers is that defending his ego is more important than highlighting the ULTIMATE sacrifice of the real patriots.

And this abandonment, of course, is coming from the man who over the past few years has tweeted out about the Benghazi embassy attack more than 60 times! But Trump can’t use these recently fallen soldiers to impugn Obama, so they’re NOT a priority, it would seem.

So here’s what we know so far. Last week, a detachment of U.S. Army’s 3rd Special Forces Group and their Nigerian counterparts were ambushed during a surprise attack by local militants.

This attack cost the lives of four Americans: Sgt. La David Johnson, Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson and Staff Sgt. Bryan Black. Now that eight days have passed since the ambush, the bodies of these slain American heroes are finally returning home for burial.

But you know what hasn’t finally happened? Trump’s acknowledgment of the sacrifice of these soldiers. That’s right—the man who will tweet about ANYTHING has had nothing to say about these four ambushed Americans, and it’s downright disgraceful.

Hell, issue a public statement aimed at consoling these soldiers’ families, telling them that the sacrifices of their sons and husbands were not in vain. Anything. But Trump’s simply been too busy protecting his fragile vanity as of late to do anything of the sort.

And it looks like Fox News is doing the same. You’d think after the HOURS upon HOURS of story after story about Benghazi, they’d be interested in at least covering the next ambush of U.S. citizens that’s occurred in Africa.

But Fox News ISN’T interested in covering this attack because it occurred on Trump’s watch—not Obama’s. They refuse to make Trump look bad just as Trump refuses to admit that he IS bad.

Trump likes to act ultra-patriotic, but he’s never patriotic when it truly counts. Refusing to the acknowledge the sacrifices of these soldiers as the president of the United States suggests to the families left behind that the sacrifices of their loved ones was pointless.

Trump fails the American people with each passing day. Impeachment MUST be our recourse.

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Trump is the worst commander in chief the American people will ever have. He’s made a mockery of the service of our troops, and should be impeached accordingly.

No American should have to die under Trump’s watch. But if they do, Trump should at least have the integrity to honor them.

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