BREAKING: Trump White House Member Arrested in Prostitution Scandal

A member of the White House’s Secret Service group is in serious trouble with the law. An agent who was protecting Vice-President Mike Pence was arrested for solicitation for sex.

The solicitation occurred at a Maryland hotel. The hotel manager called police after he suspected suspicious activity coming from a room. To nobody’s surprise, he was right.

The off-duty agent, who was part of Pence’s detail, was in the company of a prostitute. The police arrested him and charged him with solicitation.

The matter is under investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility, which acknowledges that the incident did happen. A Secret Service spokesperson stated, “We are exploring the full range of disciplinary actions.”

The agent in question is currently on administrative leave during the investigation. He also had to surrender his gun.

Such conduct by members of Trump’s team, while inexcusable, can be expected. The agency is spread very thin with the responsibilities of covering Trump and his family.

The agents have to cover Melania and Barron Trump in New York City while Trump is in Washington. The costs for this is very high, and, in the end, could cost up to 350 million dollars.

The Secret Service also protects the Trump children, who regularly travel the globe on Trump business ventures and vacations. Each trip, no matter how insignificant, legally requires Secret Service protection.

The service protects Donald Trump on his weekly vacations from the White House. At Trump’s request, the Secret Service protects staffers, such as Kellyanne Conway and others.

According to CNN, agents fly in from all over the country to provide protection to the ever-mobile First Family. The overtime costs grow while the agents suffer.

The agents are away from their families for extended periods of time so Donald, Jr. can go to Africa to shoot animals. They travel with Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and any guests they have when they travel on business or pleasure.

Surely, the agents are weary of all this, but, by Trump’s orders on federal hiring, additional personnel cannot be hired. It is not a good job, and all the pressure takes it toll.

This isn’t the first time Secret Service officers have been caught soliciting. However, when it happened under Obama’s watch, steps were taken to curb these awful behaviors. We don’t believe Trump will take such measures, since he sees women as objects in the first place.

Imagine the embarrassment to the Secret Service and Obama when the news of the previous indiscretion arrived. And imagine the head-hanging and butt-chewings the involved agents took.

As a result of the actions by the Secret Service during the Obama administration, Secret service agents can only consume moderate amounts of alcohol while on duty.

So can we take bets on how long it will take Trump to blame Obama for this Secret Service indiscretion? After all, Trump cannot take the blame for anything.

While the agent protecting Pence did wrong, the pressures of protecting so many members of the Trump administration will result in burn-out. And when the requirements of a position push people so far, such indiscretions do occur. It is part of a stressful job.

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