WATCH: Trump Preparing To Use NASTY Loophole To Kill Russian Investigation

Could Donald Trump already have given out blanket pardons to all the American traitors involved in Russiagate? One Democratic Representative now fears Trump’s already done JUST that. The thought of these crooks getting away with treason is HORRIFYING.

If you think about it, this nightmarish scenario would be Trump’s nuclear option. He could pardon all of the guilty parties in Russiagate—SECRETLY—therefore allowing them to commit perjury under oath and lie about their involvement in Team Trump’s collusion with zero legal repercussions.

This catastrophic possibility is what Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA) is now sounding the alarm over. Heck just appeared on CNN and, during an interview with Jim Acosta, explained why he’s so disturbed about Trump’s potential to issue secret pardons.

“Obviously, they feel as though they have something to hide, or they’re denying reality,” Heck said. “But I tell you, Jim, the other question I hope that you will pose to them — should you ever get another chance to do that in a White House briefing — is whether or not the president has issued a prospective, blanket pardon to anyone and everyone involved in any and all activities associated with this.”

“Because, Jim, the federal law does not require that he reveal that,” Heck continued. “That could be privately done. He could have already done it, and we wouldn’t know. And I certainly hope somebody asks him at some point.”

Talk about HORRIFYING. The thought of Team Trump’s traitors getting away with their high crimes without so much as a single arrest is infuriating.

Now the big question that we all should be asking is whether or not Trump has the power to pardon himself. The Constitution says he can “except in Cases of Impeachment,” so it’s most certainly an affair that would have to be settled once and for all in the Supreme Court.

Just knowing Trump, though,  this is EXACTLY the kind of shady maneuver he’d resort to. But any pardons would all but PROVE that Team Trump really did collude with Vladimir Putin in 2016—as if there’s any doubt anymore anyways.

The American people WON’T stand for this. Tyrants who abuse their power have no place being in the White House, now or ever.

The media needs to be relentless in asking Trump whether he’s issued any pardons already. We DESERVE the truth.

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The stench of TREASON is in the air. And Team Trump has only grown more desperate as the free press has continued to EXPOSE their crimes.

Justice is now in question. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now our best bet for impeaching Trump – let us pray he comes through.

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