BREAKING: Trump to Use Illegal Cluster Bombs to Kill Mass Civilians in Middle East

Trump talks about how he and his cabinet of swamp monsters know how to get business deals done. But one of Team Trump’s first deals will lead to countless civilian deaths in the Middle East.

Trump is going to oversee the sale of millions of dollars of cluster bombs to the Saudi Arabians. That’s right, Trump’s going to help the Saudis massacre thousands of Yemeni citizens.

It seems like Trump is literally sleepwalking his way to global death and destruction. And now he’s set to capitalize not from peace but from perpetual war.

Cluster bombs have been banned by 119 countries around the world, but that won’t stop Trump from selling thousands of them to the Saudis. In turn, the Saudis are going to use them to bomb the opposition of Yemen’s pro-Saudi faction.

“If the United States and the United Kingdom, tonight, told [Saudi Arabia] ‘this war has to end,’ it would end tomorrow,” ex-CIA officer Bruce Riedel notes. But Trump will do no such thing in order to keep Saudi money rolling in.

This unethical dealing is simply unacceptable. Especially considering the fact that 97 percent of all cluster bomb victims are civilians.

So Trump is profit from war while thousands of innocent civilians are being needlessly massacred. It’s been proven time and time again that Trump will literally do anything for money.

We call on Mr. Demagogue to stop arming the Saudis with cluster bombs. If he doesn’t, then he will have the blood of innocent children on his hands.

Please share this story on Facebook with everyone you know. We have to get the word out that the American people will not accept Trump’s profiting from civilian massacres.

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