BREAKING: Trump Caught Receiving $500,000 “Gift” From Brutal Dictator.

Donald Trump received $500,000 from the brutal dictator of Venezuela. Trump is corrupt and supportive of brutal governments, and Congress must impeach him.

According to the Miami New Times, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro gave Trump’s inaugural committee $500,000 to throw a party. The Times reported:

“Newly filed federal campaign records show Maduro’s regime gave half a million bucks to Donald Trump to help him throw a party in Washington, D.C. Through the state-owned Citgo Petroleum, Maduro’s government dropped that cash to Trump’s inaugural committee: one of the largest corporate donations listed on the newly filed federal disclosures.

If it seems odd that a self-branded socialist revolutionary who blames most of his ills on evil American plots would give so much cash to the new U.S. president, it shouldn’t. Maduro, though talking tough domestically, has worked hard not to overly antagonize Trump”.

NPR also reported that Trump used the party as a personal ATM:

“The money also bought time with the president and vice president — those donating more than $500,000 were treated to dinner with Vice President Pence and his wife, Karen.”

Why would Trump accept a contribution from a brute like Maduro? The Venezuelan dictator is one of the worst in the world.

His dictatorship caused economic turmoil in the South American nation. Inflation is at 274%, with an unemployment rate close to 25%.

Today, Maduro nationalized a GMC plant in Venezuela. There is no limit to what he will do to enrich himself at the expense of the Venezuelan people.

Well, it appears that birds of a feather flock together. It’s no surprise that Trump accepts money from such a despicable person.

Both Trump and Maduro have Russian ties. Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSA mortgaged their interests in Citgo to borrow money from Russia last November.

If PDVSA cannot pay back the money, it loses control of Citgo, which controls about five percent of the gas refining capacity in the United States.

If the Venezuelan-owned PDVSA loses control, then the Russian-owned Rosneft gets it. Russia will then control five percent of the gas refining capacity in this country.

POLL: Does Trump want to be a dictator?

Considering Trump’s acceptance of money from Maduro and his fondness for Putin, does he want to be like them? Would Trump jump at the chance to be America’s dictator?

Hell yes, he would. Trump is a power- and money-hungry narcissist. He is just like Maduro and Putin, and would love a chance to become a dictator.

Donald Trump shares many characteristics with Putin and Maduro. Putin and Maduro stifle protests in their countries, while Trump wants to investigate protestors in America. Eighteen Republican-led state legislatures already introduced legislation to stifle protests.

In all three countries, there are massive demonstrations against the three rulers. But all three are still in power.

They are still in power because of leaders in Congress and the Kremlin who bow to their every demand. The will of the people means nothing to Trump, Putin, and Maduro.

All three have interests in the fossil fuel industry. Venezuela owns a part of Citgo, while Rosneft has its dirty fingers in oil interests worldwide.

It is a frightening thought that a brutal dictator has interests in the major oil refinery Citgo. If Maduro does not pay the Russians what he owes them, Putin will own the interests.

If that happens, Putin will have the power to raise gas prices in this country. And Trump will go along with it all the way.

Trump’s authoritarian actions are a threat to this country. With a Congress who backs him and a judiciary that he ignores, Trump has all he needs to get more and more power.

We must stop Trump by massive protests. Congress should get the message and stop him before he goes too far.

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