WATCH: Trump Caught Going Full-Blown Racist in Front of Angry Crowd

Donald Trump is not an honorable man. He’s exposed this reality once again through his latest round of disgusting and incendiary comments.

Trump’s “Ego Tour” just took a turn for the scandalous at a Pennsylvania rally. There, he told supporters that they should be thankful black voters did not turn out to vote on November 8th.

The idea of a democracy is that everyone should participate to decide the course of a society. Trump’s America, though, is a racist regression to the days of white rule.

Trump told the crowd that black voters “didn’t come out to vote for Hillary, they didn’t come out. And that was the big … so thank you to the African-American community.”

Trump has officially exposed himself as a racist once and for all with these comments. He’s now on the record as suggesting that it’s best for black Americans not to vote.

People like Bernie Sanders represent a “big-tent” vision of America, where everyone has the right to vote and have a say. Trump, on the other hand, represents an America where only old disgruntled white voters have a say.

It’s sick that Trump thinks black voters not turning out is “almost as good” as supporting him. It’s clear that Trump now realizes that his only path to re-election in 2020 is another round of low turnout among black voters.

Everyone should be encouraged to participate in the civil discourse in America. We have to make sure that an alliance of all demographics demolishes Trump in 2018, 2020, and beyond.

Please share this story far and wide and Facebook. People need to know that Trump really is the racist that we’ve all been worried he might be.

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