URGENT: Trump Fires the Men in Charge of America’s Nuclear Arsenal. What’s Happening?

Donald Trump’s already risked nuclear war with China in his time as President-elect. Now, he’s risking a domestic nuclear disaster in America.

Trump just ousted the two officials that oversee America’s 4,500 nuclear weapons. This disastrous and unprecedented move will leave America dangerously exposed for months.

Mr. Demagogue doesn’t care about laws, traditions, decency, or campaign promises. And in ousting these two nuclear officials, he’s going against American tradition in an egregious way.

Most presidential-appointee officials resign by Inauguration Day, but key officials stay on to smooth transition efforts. These two ousted officials would typically have stayed on for months, ensuring Trump would’ve had time to find capable replacements.

Instead, Trump’s given these officials the “You’re Fired” treatment. And in the meantime, it’s going to take months to find replacements – meaning there’s going to be no oversight over American nukes for a very long time.

No, seriously. Trump fired the people in charge of our nuclear arsenal before hiring replacements. Think about that.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that nukes need all the oversight you can get. But Trump’s playing with (radioactive) fire here, and if any nuclear accidents happen in the coming days, it’s his fault alone.

Trump needs to stop treating America like an episode of “The Apprentice” and start getting serious. But Mr. Trump’s “seriousness” is pure chaos for the American people.

Our soon to be president is being reckless with all of our lives. And recklessness leads to bad outcomes more times than not.

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