BREAKING: Trump Didn’t Even READ His ‘Executive Orders’. Guess Who Wrote Them?

President Trump is issuing executive orders faster than any other president in history. He’s signing them so fast, that he’s not even bothering to read them.

According to Politico, Trump’s not the one writing the executive orders either. Stephan Miller, Trump’s senior adviser for policy, and Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, have been drafting the orders for Trump.

Trump wanted to make a big show of signing lots of executive orders during his first days in office. He wanted his supporters to believe that he was keeping his campaign promises.

So he had his two chief henchmen draft the executive orders as quickly as possible. In doing so, though, they didn’t even bother to consult with the agencies affected by these orders.

Instead, both men relied on members of the transition team and other Trump insiders to provide ideas. Bannon and Miller are working inside of a bubble, and that bubble is at risk of bursting.

There are reports that White House aides aren’t sure how to execute the orders. They also aren’t sure how to proceed if the order is illegal.

For example, Trump issued an order to bring back enhanced interrogation techniques (torture). This order caught the Pentagon and CIA off guard, and some of Trump’s aides didn’t even know about it.

The Trump team also wrote an executive order authorizing the Keystone pipeline without consulting the State Department. It turns out that the Canadian company building the pipeline is suing the US, so it’s unlikely that the project will be restarted right away.

These executive orders are causing chaos in the White House. But Trump and Bannon are more worried about creating the illusion that the administration is getting a lot done.

These executive orders will blow up in Trump’s face. That’s what happens when a leader values appearance over performance.

Trump’s use of executive orders is irresponsible and dangerous. Please share this story on Facebook to let everyone know how pathetic the Trump administration really is.

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