BREAKING: Trump DEPORTING Battle-Wounded VETERAN Because He’s a “Burden.”

Donald Trump’s war on immigrant knows no bounds, not even heroic veterans are safe. Trump wants to deport Miguel Perez Jr., an American veteran who was wounded fighting for our country.

Perez bravely served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. While protecting our country, Perez suffered brain damage from an IED explosion.

Along with the brain injury, Perez developed post-traumatic stress disorder. Because of the injuries and the PTSD, he was unable to find employment in Chicago, the city he called home since he was eight-years-old.

According to WGN in Chicago, Perez began selling drugs to pay his bills and live his life. He was caught, arrested, and, in 2010, sentenced to seven years in prison for dealing drugs.

After serving the seven years and paying his debt to society, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stripped him of his citizenship. Now he awaits deportation for his crime, although he already served his time.

This deportation is cruelty to an American veteran who fell upon hard times. Perez served his country, unlike Donald Trump, who took five deferments and said that he served his country by sleeping around.

Perez’s lawyer, Chris Bergin, is fighting for Perez. Bergin said that “Miguel is basically an American in every sense of the word.” And he is right.

Perez fought for America and, like so many others, returned from the war with both physical and mental scars. The government wants to deport him instead of providing him with the treatment that every veteran deserves.

Bergin also began contacting elected representatives on Perez’s behalf to halt his deportation to Mexico. Perez’s mother, Esperanza, asked Senators Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin to introduce legislation that would make her son an American citizen and keep him in the United States.

Esperanza Perez stated that her son “is a soldier with no nation – no Mexico, no U.S.A., but my son fought for this country, not for Mexico.”  In the opinion of many Americans, the treatment he received for his service by President Trump is evil and heartless.

Perez’s contacts with the two United States senators drew results. Senator Dick Durbin stated that Perez is “a man who risked his life for this country, maybe he can pay his price for what he’s done wrong here, and still get a chance to stay here.”

The office of Tammy Duckworth remains silent on Perez. This is the senator who lost limbs in the conflicts with Afghanistan and Iraq.

If anyone should sympathize with Perez and his plight, it should be Senator Duckworth. Perhaps she will step up to the plate and introduce the legislation to make Perez an American citizen.

Perez’s treatment also brings Trump’s treatment of veterans to light. In spite of campaigning that he would do more for veterans than any other president, Trump did the opposite.

So far, Trump froze veteran’s pay, proposed to cut funding that feeds 500,000 elderly veterans, and plans on deporting more undocumented veterans from the United States.

The American people must demand fair treatment of veterans. They put their lives on the line for our freedom, and to treat them with disrespect, as does Donald Trump, is unpatriotic and heartless.

Please contact your two senators and ask that they sponsor legislation to halt Miguel Perez Junior’s deportation.

And please share Miguel’s story on Facebook so others will know of Trump’s evil disrespect of American veterans.

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