Trump Demands Charlotte Church Sing for Him – She Has a 1-Word Response

Donald Trump still can’t anyone to perform at his inauguration. Celebrity after celebrity decline to perform for him.

The latest singer to turn down Trump is Charlotte Church. When the Trump team asked the Welsh singer to perform at the inauguration, she declined and called Trump a “tyrant.”

Church is a classical singer that likes to perform songs with a religious tone. The Trump team must have thought that she would be a great fit for the incoming president’s inaugural celebration.

But Church turned them down flat. Then she called Trump a tyrant on Twitter and used four poop emoji for emphasis.

Church is just the latest singer to defy Trump. The Trump team asked the aging Beach Boys to sing, but so far they haven’t accepted the invitation.

Producer David Foster declined to be a part of the ceremony. X-Factor performer Rebecca Furguson has also said that she won’t take part.

Trump tried to bully The Rockettes into performing for him. They defied him though and declined to take part.

A member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir even resigned so that she wouldn’t have to perform the narcissist Trump. She couldn’t bear the thought of performing for this misogynist.

This will be a very short inaugural celebration since nobody wants to perform at it. Be sure to share this story on Facebook to let all your friends know what they won’t be missing on inauguration day.

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