BREAKING: Trump DELETES Rule That Protects Water From POISON.

Donald Trump’s idea of Making America Great Again involves polluting our nation’s waters to hell and back so that our children will inherit an environmental wasteland. The Orange Tyrant is abolishing a rule that Obama established to PROTECT the nation’s waterways.

Trump’s latest executive order is set to roll back Obama’s “Waters of the United States,” or WOTUS, rule. Such a rule was used to give the Environmental Protection Agency more jurisdiction in protecting bodies of water throughout the United States from pollution.

This regulation allowed the EPA to defend lakes to streams from being used as toxic waste dumps by companies that care more about profits than the general welfare of the American people. But Trump is on the side of the corporations, not the people.

Team Trump is overseeing a comprehensive effort to permanently weaken the jurisdiction and powers of the federal government. Their “problem” with the WOTUS rule is that it gives the federal government “too much authority.”

“Decisions in the Supreme Court over time have been somewhat confusing, but it’s pretty clear that the jurisdictions that oversee this issue should be shrinking,” a Trump official commented. “The problem with the Obama rule is that it vastly expands federal jurisdiction into state and local jurisdictions.”

That’s a pretty laughable excuse, considering that the government SHOULD have the authority to make sure our children and their children will inherit clean drinking water and healthy, non-polluted land. In the twenty-first century, that’s what one of the MAIN responsibilities that government should have.

If you think through this, it’s clear what’s really happening. Team Trump wants to weaken, and ultimately abolish, the EPA because then corporations will be free to save money through what would have been previously illegal toxic waste dumps.

Because Trump is a businessman and so are all his friends. What matters to him is profits for him and his goons, not protecting the nation’s natural resources for the American people.

This is why Big Business has no place in the White House. Trump’s rolling back rules that are ONLY good for the bottom lines of company budget sheets, which means he’s a walking talking conflict of interest.

Team Trump are already going after the Endangered Species Act, which is the same story as WOTUS. Following the rules costs more money, so Trump is destroying the rules for his elitist buddies.

At this rate, our nation’s water sources are doomed. We’re looking at water wars within our lifetimes.

The environment needs to be protected now more than ever. Tragically, our president is AWOL for the biggest crisis that our nation may ever face.

Trump is clearly a money-grubber whose corporatist ways endangers not only the American people but all of the citizens of the world. Republicans can continue to block investigations into Trump, but the truth will come out, justice will prevail, and the environment WILL be protected.

Let’s make sure that the nation is informed in the face of Team Trump’s “alternative facts.” Please share this story on Facebook so Trump can be held accountable for his disastrous leadership.

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