BREAKING: New Trump Corruption Scandal Just Exposed, He Wanted This Hidden

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) recently blasted Donald Trump after CNN broke a story about him personally interviewing U.S. attorney candidates. Feinstein tweeted out her criticism of Trump, because that’s the only way to be sure he’s going to notice.

“President Trump should NOT be interviewing US attorney candidates, especially those from NY—where he has personal & business interests,” Feinstein wrote on her Twitter feed.

The U.S. attorney’s office is likely to be involved in the ongoing Russia investigation, which now encompasses several different government departments and potentially dozens of of witnesses and suspects.

We now know that Russian hackers systematically targeted the United States during the 2016 election. They used hacking, propaganda and fake media reports in order to influence that election in support of Donald Trump.

The question is, did Trump’s campaign work with Russia to help sway the outcome of the election? The government has already committed significant resources to answering this question. The ongoing investigation is still taking place in the background of the daily Donald Trump sideshow.

There’s a good reason that the U.S. needs a new attorney in New York: Trump fired the old one. Preet Bharara was let go from the job after being reassured that he would keep his position once the administration changed hands from Obama to Trump.

However, Preet Bharara worked for the U.S. attorney’s office that was and is investigating some aspects of the Russian scandal, including Tom Price.

Bharara’s office was investigating Price, who Trump appointed to a Cabinet position earlier this year, when U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions suddenly fired him.

Now, the president of the United States is personally interviewing potential candidates to take over the job. The corruption and conflict of interest implied by these actions is painfully clear, and yet Trump is still doing it.

Sen. Feinstein is now speaking out against Trump and pointing to his corrupt actions, which means she will no doubt be next on Trump’s list of Twitter attacks.

Because that’s what it’s like to live in America, land of the free and home of the brave, these days. We know our president will lash out on social media like a child. It’s always just a question of when, and how long, his latest little rant will last.

Millions of people believed this man should be the president of the United States. Because at least he still isn’t a woman, right?

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