BREAKING: Donald Trump is Having Feds Build ‘Concentration Camp’ Detention Centers. Why?

We’ve all been outraged over the fact that Donald Trump is moving full-steam ahead on his Muslim immigration ban. If you thought that was bad, then wait ‘til you hear what the Orange Tyrant is doing next.

Donald Trump is now setting his sights on punishing undocumented immigrants in America. Shockingly, Trump just signed a directive to create new camps – concentration camps – where such immigrants will be held for deportation.

Geez, I wonder how quickly rounding up millions of people for detention and deportation could ever go wrong. If only we had historical examples to show us why that’s a terrible idea…

It’s clear that Trump could not care less that his actions are echoing those that occurred in the build-up of Nazi Germany. Trump invited a leading European Neo-Nazi to his inauguration, so it seems obvious that he doesn’t mind the comparison at all.

Trump’s other terrible directives are aimed at de-funding refugee sanctuary cities like San Francisco and at hiring thousands of new border patrol agents. He’s now doing everything in his power to scapegoat immigrants into being our enemies.

“We are going to restore the rule of law in the United States,” Trump said on Wednesday. “Beginning today, the United States gets control of its borders.”

Trump’s just cracking down on immigration because it’s a wedge issue that will divide and distract us from his administration’s treasonous ties to Russia. We must not let Trump and his goons pull the wool over our eyes.

If Trump tries to put millions of immigrants into concentration camps, then he’s got another thing coming. We refuse to repeat the same disastrous mistakes of the twentieth century.

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