LEAK CONFIRMS: Donald Trump Was Caught in Russian Money Laundering Scheme

Donald Trump’s shady connections to Russia seem to be increasing day after day. This latest revelation certainly looks bad for both Trump and America, unfortunately.

The Democratic Coalition just exposed how Mr. Demagogue has two companies located in Cyprus, the capital for Russian shadow banking. That’s right, Mr. Trump is stashing his money away in the same place that Putin and his goons do.

This revelation is troubling for two crucial reasons: it shows how the Russians might be funneling money to Trump, and it shows how rich Americans can stash their assets in tax-free havens.

Neither of these notions is acceptable, of course. But it’s clear that Trump knows how to unfairly game the odds in his favor, no matter the circumstances.

The grand question that arises here is why Trump has placed these companies in Cyprus when there are better tax havens in the world. The main benefit of doing so would be to harbor financial connections with Russian oligarchs.

So imagine this nightmare scenario: Russian elites and Putin’s friends are funneling Trump millions in cash in shadow deals in Cyprus. Such deals would be very difficult to trace, meaning Trump and Putin could cover their tracks relatively easily.

For now, we don’t know the extent of Trump’s dirty dealings in Cyprus. But what is obvious is that his connections to the Russians are only becoming more and more disturbing.

Trump doesn’t need to be stashing money in tax havens. And he definitely doesn’t need to be accepting payments from Russian oligarchs behind-the-scenes.

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