BREAKING: Trump Melts Down on Twitter, Calls Fellow Americans ‘Stupid People’ and ‘Fools’

The Tweeter-In-Chief is at it again–making an idiot of himself and those who voted for him. This time, Trump called Americans “stupid” and “fools” if they do not kiss up to Russia’s Putin.

In a series of Tweets, Trump praised the Russian leader while criticizing Americans. This treasonous lack of respect for the American people should be cause enough to impeach Trump.

If Trump is so enamored with Russia, he should move there–and take his pampered, bratty kids with him. If he stays here, he needs to be loyal to America, not Russia.

Ever since the primaries, Trump has lavishly praised the tyrannical Putin. The bromance has blossomed since his election as president.

This recent action, though, takes the cake. To openly defend the butcher Putin while calling the American people juvenile, childish names crosses the line.

Putin intentionally “helped” Trump get elected by the American people. Voters should not tolerate this level of disrespect.

This is not the first time Trump criticized the American people. He openly criticized Carrier workers in a tweet, telling them that they should work more and talk less.

Here’s his rant:

This is an exercise in missing the point, and Twitter pointed that out very quickly.

This tweet should offend all patriotic Americans. This lack of respect demands an immediate apology and assurances that Trump’s loyalties are with America, not Russia.

It is obvious that Congress will not investigate Trump’s ties with Putin’s Russia. If his actions are not monitored by Congress or the media, we will have to make our opinions known and take to the streets if necessary.

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