ALERT: Trump Just Found A Way To Buy The Last Vote Needed For Trumpcare

Donald Trump is STILL trying to pass Trumpcare and repeal Obamacare, and he’s moving forward with this plan in a most disgraceful way. That’s because Trump is now bribing red-state Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia with the position of Energy Secretary in his administration in a depraved effort to buy off one of the final Senate votes Trump will need for Trumpcare.

Recall how the last Trumpcare vote was defeated by a razor-thin margin in the Senate, coming down to Senator John McCain’s last second “no” vote. Trump is determined to not experience such a debacle again, and now he’s pulling out all the stops in the worst way possible.

And, like the predator he is, Trump is cornering the most politically vulnerable Democratic Senator—Joe Manchin—for his plot. Manchin’s state of West Virginia is as red as red gets, having tilted to Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election by an astounding margin of over 40 percentage points.

That means that Manchin and everyone else knows that if he doesn’t routinely show support for Trump’s agenda, he’ll never be re-elected in his home state. That’s why you’ve despicably seen Manchin backing up Trump on his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords, for instance, even though Manchin’s a “Democrat”—really just in name, only, however.

So Manchin’s desperate, and he’s willing to play ball. THAT’S why Trump is targeting him now. But the whole scheme is even more nefarious than you think—allow us to explain.

Bloomberg is now reporting that Trump’s White House and top GOP officials are finalizing a plan to make Manchin Trump’s Energy Secretary. While this might seem like a nice act of bipartisanship on the surface to the untrained eye, this has NOTHING to do with bipartisanship and EVERYTHING to do with replacing Manchin with a Republican Senator.

You see, West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice—a former Democrat who switched over to the Republican party earlier this month thanks to the same political pressure Manchin’s now facing—would be able to appoint a GOP Senator to replace Manchin if he left for the Trump admin. THIS is the power play Trump is focused on.

This isn’t a sincere gesture of appreciation toward Manchin. It’s the opposite, in fact: a shameless political ploy to oust him from his position in the Senate so he can be replaced by a Republican who will undoubtedly vote “Yes” on Trumpcare’s next go-around.

Talk about shameless, but indeed, it’s also shrewd as hell. It looks like Trump’s political handlers are starting to get through to him, which should have us ALL terrified.

Manchin needs to stay put if he actually cares about the American people. That’s debatable at this point, though.

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