WATCH: Trump Just Broke the Heart of an 89-Year-Old National Hero. He’s a Monster.

Donald Trump’s looking to make a lot of changes to the way things are done, starting with Inauguration Day. He doesn’t care who he has to trample on to get his way.

Trump’s latest victim is Charlie Brotman, who has worked the microphone at presidential inaugurations for the past 60 years. Trump knew this and decided to go with another announcer this year and broke Brotman’s heart.

The 89-year old Brotman started announcing for the inaugural parade in 1956 when Dwight Eisenhower took office. He’s been the announcer for every parade since then.

But Trump decided to go with a different announcer for this year’s celebration. Freelance announcer, audio engineer, and Trump crony Steve Ray will be taking over the honors.

Brotman was disappointed because he was looking forward to performing his duties one more time. Instead, the inaugural committee named him “Announcer Chairman Emeritus” and offered him a prime seat at the parade.

Brotman told the Washington Post, “I’m disappointed. I know I can do it”

“I know that I’ve done it many many times. They ask me every time and it’s such an honor.”

Brotman’s not sure if he’ll even attend the inauguration now. He if does decide to stay away, he won’t be the only prominent voice to skip this farce of an inauguration.

Many celebrities declined to perform at Trump’s inauguration. For instance, all the Washington D.C. high schools declined to perform in the parade for the first time in decades.

The Rockettes also declined to perform at the inaugural celebration, despite bullying by the Trump team. This is turning out to me one lame inaugural celebration!

It’s despicable that Trump chose to replace a national treasure with one of his campaign volunteers.  Share this story on Facebook to let everyone know how pathetic Trump’s inauguration is going to be!

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