BREAKING: Donald Trump Broke 34 Campaign Promises on DAY ONE. Where’s the Media?

With Donald Trump going to war with the free press in America, our journalists need to step their game up and take him to task left and right. Too bad the mainstream media’s been silent on Trump’s latest lies.

Trump made 36 promises to the American people that he guaranteed that he’d get done in his first day in office. Now, with Trump being in office for two days already, it’s clear that the Liar-in-Chief broke 34 of these promises.

Hilariously, Trump said he’d come through on many of these promises in his “first minute” and “first hour” in the White House. Our new fraudulent president has broken every last one of these guarantees – check out the following one for example.

“These international gangs of thugs and drug cartels will be, I promise you from the first day in office, the first thing I’m going to do,” Trump promised last year. “The first piece of paper I’m going to sign is we are going to get rid of these people day one.”

This was just one of his thirty-plus lies since Trump’s first presidential moves were completely unrelated to “gangs of thugs.” Instead, he spent his time vainly instituting a “National Day of Patriotism.”

“We’re going to be in the promise-keeping business,” Vice President Mike Pence said recently. “My message on his behalf today before this conference and before members of the Senate is that we intend to keep those promises.”

Comments like these show why our new presidential administration is bankrupt. They make insane promises to the American people, and then they don’t fulfill these promises because they’re too busy making themselves rich.

Trump didn’t withdraw from the TPP, he didn’t get all the “gangs” out, and he didn’t renegotiate NAFTA. That’s because he has a special ability to lie first and deal with the consequences later.

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