BOMBSHELL: Trump is Being Blackmailed by Russian Spies. It’s Confirmed.

It’s a fact that Russia worked to get Donald Trump elected. Trump clearly likes to pander to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

CNN reports that new classified documents show why Trump indulges Putin. According to these documents, Russian operatives claim to have information about Trump that they could use to ruin him.

Intelligence chiefs presented these findings to both President Obama and Trump. The documents also showed that Trump cronies communicated with the Russian government during the election.

It looks like Putin and company have enough dirt on Trump to blackmail him into doing whatever they want. This is a nightmare scenario.

CNN confirmed the classified documents’ existence with several US officials. Russia is trying to take over our executive branch.

Russia has its hands all over Trump. Two of his companies are in Russian tax havens, and the Russian mob bailed Trump out of bankruptcy.

The Trump team moved quickly to fight these claims. Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway took to the airwaves to call the memos unverified and to denounce the intelligence community for leaking the allegations.

Trump held a news conference today to slam these claims as fake news. But can we believe anything this Putin puppet says? The answer is “no”, in case you were wondering.

We can’t trust Trump or his team. Trump belongs in jail, not in the White House. Every time a new scandal or story about Trump’s corruption comes out, he only confirms that.

We need to impeach Trump. Keeping up with stories like this will allow us to compile a list of grievances which will make that task much easier.

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