BREAKING: Donald Trump BANS Americans From Calling White House to Protest

Donald Trump is insulating himself from the public and any criticism. The thin-skinned Trump shut down the White House switchboard comment feature.

The recording on the new line refers callers to the White House website and Facebook. Stifling criticism ignoring the will of the people is straight up FASCIST and Trump must be stopped.

President Obama set up the line as a way for the public to interact with the White House. Calls to the site were politely answered and allowed people to record their concerns.

Now, the public hears the following recording: “Thank you for calling the White House comments line. The comment line is currently closed but your comment is important to the President and we urge you to send us a comment online at or send us a message through Facebook messenger.”

Wow, talk about an impersonal message. It sounds like one from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The unavailability of telephone contact is unfair to the 15 percent of Americans who do not have the internet. They have no way to contact the people’s representative to the government.

And who believes that anyone will check the or Facebook page? They will delete any criticism and forward on only the good stuff, if they even do that.

Trump’s activity on the internet is also self-promoting. For example, the site had an advertisement for Melania’s QVC jewelry collection. What a cheap way to advertise cheap jewelry.

Trump also removed references to climate change and disability job help from the government’s websites. He is definitely making his policies and priorities clear.

This shutdown is another example of authoritarianism creeping into our daily lives. First, it was criticism of the press and attempts to muzzle it, and now it is availability to the public.

We must watch Congress and the president for signs of authoritarianism. Our democracy is too precious to allow the evils of fascism to creep up and rob us of our rights.

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