BREAKING: Trump to Sign Executive Order BANNING Muslims Sooner Than Thought

We’ve all been hoping that Trump’s campaign rhetoric on his proposed Muslim ban was just empty talk. But in a breaking and horrifying development, we’ve all just been proven terribly wrong.

Reuters just announced that Trump will be signing his Muslim ban into action with an executive order on Wednesday. This tyrant is ending the Syrian refugee program and trying to ban an entire religion of people from coming to America.

Trump is officially about to ban visas from Muslim majority countries. This includes visas from nations such as Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

Trump’s not trying to be discreet, he’s now officially signed his incendiary Islamophobia into American law. He’s only been president for a few days and he’s already accelerating his ascent to a tyrant.

America is a nation of tolerance and diversity; we are immigrants composed of people from all walks of life. Closing our borders to an entire religion of people, especially refugees who are fleeing for their lives, is just downright inhumane and un-American.

Trump’s defenders have been using the line that he’s “not really going to do that kind of stuff.” But that’s just empty rhetoric too, since Trump is making good on this insanely disgusting Muslim ban.

Trump’s just asking for global strife and terrorist attacks because of this kind of inflammatory and inhumane executive order. People all across the globe are looking at America in horror.

Trump’s fascism is unfolding right in front of our eyes. We MUST be vigilant now more than ever and stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters all across the nation.

Please – share this story on Facebook ASAP. We can’t let Trump get away with his Islamophobia. It’s time to raise hell.

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