BOMBSHELL: Donald Trump Was Bailed Out of Bankruptcy by Russian Mob Bosses

The Russians wholly own Donald Trump. After a series of bankruptcies, Trump received huge amounts of money from Russian mobsters to save his crumbling empire.

In a series of articles, Financial Times reveals Trump’s allegiance to despots and mobsters. That’s right – Donald Trump is owned by Russian mob bosses.

As early as 2008, Donald Trump, Jr. revealed that huge sums of money from Russia made up the Trump empire. This money came from Russian mob bosses to prop up Trump’s financial losses.

This money and influence resulted in Russians occupying empty apartments owned by Trump in the United States. He also laundered money from the Russian mobsters.

This corruption means Trump benefited financially after his seventh bankruptcy. The Russians saw a fool that they could manipulate, and they sure took advantage of it.

Trump’s financial interests with Russia are still evident. Donald, Jr. recently met with Russian thugs at a real estate conference in Russia. The topic of conversation should be obvious.

Today, Trump’s business ties with Russia are old news. Congressional Republican investigations are partisan and low-key, showing their allegiance to their party and not their country.

Both the Russian government and Russian mobsters own Donald Trump. He is indebted to them, and he will use the presidency to pay that debt.

The conclusion is that Donald Trump owing so much money to Russia jeopardizes our nation. These criminal actions MUST be properly investigated and Trump should be prosecuted because of them.

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