Donald Trump continues to threaten the health of Americans. Now, he appointed an anti-vaccine advocate to head a commission to study vaccine safety.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. stated that he accepted the appointment to study the effects of vaccines. A ban against vaccinations would bring back deadly diseases such as measles and chicken pox to American children.

Vaccines protect millions of children yearly from diseases. They are so effective that schools refuse admission to non-vaccinated children.

But leave it up to Trump to change that. Appointing Kennedy to head the commission puts our children at risk for many deadly diseases.

The scientific community agrees that vaccines stop the spread of disease. But Trump and Republicans rely on the rantings of greedy hacks over scientists.

In a very real sense, American children will suffer under Trump and his band of idiots. They want to take away healthcare for millions of children by taking away Medicaid.

Trump’s policies will also take healthcare away from millions of children. Repealing Obamacare without an alternate plan will literally result in untreated illness and death for many Americans.

Republicans claim to be the party of family values. But stopping vaccinations and taking away healthcare prove that’s completely false.

Placing children in harm’s way is despicable. We must loudly oppose this cowardly, deadly attack on America’s children by calling our representatives.

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