BREAKING: Trump Admin Wants Every Journalist Who Criticizes Him FIRED. This is Not a Drill.

Donald Trump is a tyrannical enemy of the free press and wants any journalist who opposes him to be punished. Now, he’s sending out his main propaganda bulldog to scare journalists into submission.

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway just went on Chris Wallace’s “Fox News Sunday” TV show to spearhead the latest assault on the media. Conway is outrageously calling for any journalist who criticizes Trump to be fired.

“We have all the headlines,” Conway said in an obvious threat. “We know all their names.”

Fox’s Chris Wallace began to push back against this ludicrous notion, but Conway wasn’t having any of it. “Why don’t you talk less and go listen to America more,” she said.

Within a single breath, Conway both insulted a well-respected Republican journalist and threatened the entirety of the free press in America. Trump recently tried to liken the CIA to Nazis, but it’s really his administration that’s fascist – and they’re proud of it.

Team Trump has initiated a full-scale offensive against the media in our nation. They hope to cause widespread distrust in our society so that their blatant lies and corruption will go unnoticed.

Conway’s not the only one getting in on Trump’s media-bashing. Steve Bannon, Trump’s other key adviser, has recently ripped America’s journalists too.

“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,” Bannon said. “I want you to quote this.”

“The media here is the opposition party … They don’t understand this country,” Bannon continued. “They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”

This is such a thinly-veiled bit of propaganda that it’s almost just silly. But what’s not silly is that many under-informed Americans may take Trump’s media bashing at face value, at which point fascism will win the day.

Trump’s already tried to get fascistic military parades in his honor. Now, his next step is to completely destroy the free press in America, and he’ll succeed if we don’t all push back together.

Conway was ridiculed last week for coining the phrase “alternative facts.” We just have to keep laughing these goons out of town every time they try to assault the truth.

Make no mistake, my friends. We are a moment of history that future generations will look back on as being decisive: so it’s now or never that we stand up for the free press so they can stand up for us.

If Trump has his way, there wouldn’t be any independent journalists in America. We can’t let this tyrant realize this terrible vision of his.

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