BREAKING: Trump Planning to Kick 11 MILLION Poor Americans Off Food Stamps. This is Evil.

Now that Republicans hold both houses of Congress and the presidency, the war on the poor will begin and may succeed. One of the most beneficial programs for the poor, food stamps, will surely take a hit in the upcoming budget.

According to the International Business Times, Paul Ryan and the Republicans propose cutting 170 billion dollars from the 2017 budget and most of the cuts will come from the social safety net. This means that less fortunate Americans who depend on food stamps will be booted off so that and large, profitable corporations can receive tax cuts and subsidies.

On March 20, 2015, House Budget Chairman Tom Price proposed $125 billion in cuts to the SNAP, or food stamp program, over a ten-year period. This would devastate the poor and result in many men, women, and children going to bed hungry every night.

This is the same Tom Price who Trump nominated to head Health and Human Services. His intentions could not be clearer.

As of December 7, 2016, Republicans proposed 170 billion dollars in spending cuts. As with Ryan’s past budgets, the poor, disabled, and elderly will take the brunt of the cuts.

Congress and the Trump administration stated that the food stamp program needs to be cut. It makes one wonder if they know the number of people who rely on the life-saving SNAP program.

The United States of Department of Agriculture – Food and Nutrition Service reported that 45 million people were dependent on food stamps in 2016. That is one in seven Americans.

In fact, Price’s Georgia district had 1,774,540 constituents on food stamps. Many of these people are elderly, single parents, disabled, and poor. It makes one wonder how such a heartless individual as Price continues to win elections in a poor district.

Republican policies for 2017 threaten the social safety net. In fact, one of Trump’s advisers, supposed Christian Ken Blackwell advised Trump to cut the food stamp program, stating that it is the Christian thing to do. Such hypocrisy by a supposed man of God.

This is especially egregious when Trump and Congress refuse to raise taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations. These greedy, self-serving wealthy Republican donors will get what they bought in the elections at the expense of poor Americans.

Trump ran for office on a populist platform, assuring the middle-class and poor he would give them a voice in Washington. What a lie that was. Instead, he surrounded himself with individuals who will take the food out of the mouths of children so that the wealthy can get another million or so.

We must be united in our opposition to these cruel cuts to the SNAP program. Balancing the budget on the backs of the middle-class and poor is a Republican tactic that must be stopped by telephoning our Congressional representative and loudly voicing our disapproval.

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