Student With Perfect GPA to College Students: “You Are Being Scammed”

The cost of education is increasing and placing students in years of debt. One intelligent student realized that and told Kansas State University to get screwed.

Billy Wilson saw that his education was not preparing him for life, so he left. Education today is placing student’s in long-term debt and not preparing them for work after graduation.

The cost of a college education continues to increase with less governmental funding. Both the federal government and most states have cut higher-education budgets due to state budgetary shortfalls.

This has resulted in tuition increases. These increases are passed on to students, which requires additional borrowing and more debt.

Students today are not getting a full education. The completion of general education classes as physical science and general biology do little for a student who is majoring in another field.

Colleges and universities should implement general education classes such as budgeting and marriage. These would be useful classes that would benefit students in their futures.

Another area of inflated prices is the price of textbooks. It is pure robbery to charge hundreds of dollars for a textbook that can be purchased for a few dollars online.

The cost of education has skyrocketed while household income has barely struggled to keep up with inflation. This will result in many students not being able to afford college and not realizing their future dreams.

The government needs to stop the rising cost of education. By removing subsidies to obscenely profitable companies as Exxon, education could receive the money it needs to educate our future leaders. If we want democracy to succeed, the future needs educated leaders, and it is up to us to assure that it happens.

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