WATCH: Sean Spicer Self-Destructs on Camera in Bizarre Rant. This is Disturbing.

Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer just self-destructed yet again before the press, proving that his absurd rants really CAN get even stranger. The growing pressure upon the Trump administration’s ridiculous lies is clearly frazzling Team Trump.

Spicer has already become infamous for his outrageously nonsensical White House press conferences, and he’s unsurprisingly kept his streak alive with his latest contradictory meltdown at the Press Secretary’s podium. It’s clear that Spicer’s just spewing crap at this point because SOMEONE has to attempt to explain Trump’s schizophrenic leadership to the press.

Spicer’s newest meltdown arose as he epically failed to explain how Trump shockingly lost the location of a U.S. military carrier group in Pacific waters. To Spicer’s mystifying mind, Team Trump both DID and DIDN’T make a statement on the location of the Carl Vinson carrier group.

“The statement that was put out was that the Carl Vinson group was headed towards the Korean Peninsula. It is headed to the Korean Peninsula,” Spicer bumbled. “That’s not what we ever said. It was heading there, it is heading there.”

Seriously, did you catch that? Spicer literally contradicted himself in the same BREATH by saying a “statement was put out” about the carrier group “headed towards the Korean Peninsula,” and then he IMMEDIATELY declared “That’s not what we ever said.”

Get your story straight, Spicer, because you’re making yourself AND the White House look like complete idiots. But, if you can believe it, Spicer continued his contradictory idiocy.

“The president said that we have an armada going towards the peninsula. That’s a fact, it happened,” Spicer said. The only problem is that the Carl Vinson carrier group is THOUSANDS of miles away from the Koreas right now.

That definitely doesn’t match up with Trump’s April 12th comments, when he declared “We are sending an armada” to North Korea. No wonder Spicer is having a meltdown, then, seeing as how NO ONE in Team Trump seems to have a clue as to what Trump’s “armada” is actually doing.

With Spicer embarrassing himself day after day, it’s long past time for him to resign. It’s not like his successor will have an easier time trying to explain Trump’s brainless falsehoods, though.

What’s clear is that chaos is abounding in the Trump administration right now. And that doesn’t bode well for Trump, Spicer, and most importantly the American people.

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Never before have the American people experienced as absurd of a presidency as we’re experiencing now. And it’s obvious that no one knows what’s actually going on, especially the people at the highest levels of Team Trump.

It’s time for everyone in the Resistance to rise to the occasion and fight the constant idiocies of the Orange Tyrant and his goons. Our protests have already made a difference, and we can keep making a difference if we stay committed to protecting the nation from the Idiot-in-Chief.

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