BREAKING: Army Vet Comes Forward, Exposes Sheriff Clarke’s FRAUD

Sheriff David Clarke may look impressive in his uniform, but one Army vet is enraged by the embellishments Clarke has added. The vet studied Clarke’s many decorations, and went on a fiery Twitter rant to call out the man who could become America’s deputy secretary of Homeland Security.

David Clarke accepted the job—albeit a bit ahead of schedule, since the DHS has not actually offered it to Clarke yet.

Clarke served as a sheriff in Milwaukee, where a man died of dehydration under his watch. He did not receive water for 7 days, and died while awaiting a psychiatric evaluation.

But Clarke does like to wear his uniform, which he has covered up with medals and ribbons. And for one Army vet, it just got to be too much.

On Twitter, one vet went on a tirade where he called Clarke’s uniform “ridiculous.” Like military decorations, police decorations are earned through certain acts and accomplishments while on duty.

Clarke’s uniform, however, is embellished with some filler. In some opinions, this might even be considered to be stolen valor—or, laying claim to accomplishments which one did not rightfully earn.

The vet examined Clarke’s various decor, and claims that at least some of his embellishments look unauthorized. Clarke also wears a flag lapel pin, which is not regulation, to add to his overall imposing look.

The Army vet behind the Twitter rant also reached out to the Milwaukee Sheriff’s department in order to get the guidelines of their uniform codes. They have yet to respond.

At the present time, Clarke is a defendant in several lawsuits brought by Milwaukee County. He is accused of multiple crimes that include harassing private citizens and abusing inmates housed in jail.

Clarke is also under investigation because of a trip he took to Russia in 2015. Which might explain why Trump wants him for a top-level government position in the first place.

Several people close to Trump and the Trump presidential campaign have ties to Russia, either through communicating with Russian agents and/or receiving money from the Russian government. These activities are the target of multiple investigations brought by the FBI, the Department of Justice and the U.S. Senate.

One of the lawsuits brought against Clarke concerns the death of a newborn baby, born to a mother who was alone in a cell when she went into labor. We’re guessing that Clarke’s uniform doesn’t have a ribbon or a medal honoring him for that.

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Those shiny medals are the narrative that David Clarke wants you to know, the story he wants to tell. But look past his uniform to the real story of who this person is as a man, not how shiny his decorations are.

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