BREAKING: Sessions Refuses to Say He Won’t ARREST Journalists He Doesn’t Like

Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions’ fascistic beliefs were on full display during his confirmation hearings. Sessions refused to affirm that journalists could keep their sources confidential.

Sessions literally stated that he would jail journalists for not revealing their sources. Jailing journalists for doing their job is a blatant threat to the freedom of the press.

To begin with, it is no secret that thin-skinned, narcissistic Donald Trump wants to control the press. His hateful tweets of the New York Times, NBC, and any other news source that criticizes him are all over the news.

Now, Jeff Sessions has affirmed Trump’s disdain for the press. When answering a senator’s questions, he refused to state that he would protect the Free Flow of Information Act.

This act protected reporters’ sources and revised rules on subpoenaing reporters. It also provided legal protection for reporters and prevented jail time.

As a result, Sessions’ answer should concern every American. After January 21, reporters could be jailed for not revealing confidential sources.

One of the main principles of fascism is control of the press. After Sessions’ testimony, it is obvious that the Trump administration doesn’t value the First Amendment.

Furthermore, Trump himself threatened the media for its coverage of the Russian hacks. Along with Sessions’ testimony, Americans must assure that the freedom of the press is not compromised.

We must protect our First Amendment rights. Please contact your Senators and ask them to oppose Sessions’ confirmation as attorney general.

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