BREAKING: Trump’s Secretary of State Investigated, Found Connected to Terrorists

Donald Trump has stacked his cabinet with a disgusting array of elitist scum. Now, in a huge shocker, it turns out that one of these top goons has direct ties to terrorists.

Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been doing business with Iran, Syria, and Sudan. That’s right, Tillerson has been ignoring American sanctions in order to make oil deals with terrorists.

Obama has categorized these three nations as “State Sponsors of Terrorism.” But Tillerson avoided the sanctions against these countries by routing business to them through Exxon’s European offices.

The sick reality is that these countries use oil revenues to fund terrorist activities and stifle democracy. So Trump’s Secretary of State has literally been funding America’s enemies.

Tillerson’s been using corrupt legal loopholes to get personally rich. Sounds a lot like how Trump has used tax loopholes to do the same.

So what we have now is Trump waging war against the CIA and Tillerson funding America’s enemies. These monsters are literally destroying America from within and without.

Of course, Tillerson won’t just stop at helping Iran and Syria. He’s surely going to ease sanctions against Russia to pay Putin back for helping Trump get elected.

Our president-elect is directly working against America’s interests. Soon, we may not even have an America to fight for if Trump has his way.

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