BOMBSHELL: Trump’s “Secretary of State” Runs a Secret RUSSIAN Oil Company

Donald Trump’s “hire American and buy American” bullcrap has taken another hit. This time it is Rex Tillerson, the Exxon oil magnate with ties to Russia and Putin.

Tillerson’s involvement with a half trillion dollar oil deal with the Russians and shielding the money through a Bahama tax haven reeks of corruption. Tillerson is corrupt and greedy and his dealings with the Russians are criminal.

Another day, another scandal involving Trump and his cabinet. This time, Tillerson was revealed as the director of Exxon Neftegas, a company created to exploit Russian oil reserves in the sea of Okhotsk.

This exploit is profitable for Exon and Tillerson and will become more profitable when sanctions placed by Obama on Russia are lifted. This will give the go-ahead to a half-trillion dollar oil deal that will benefit Exxon and the secretary of state nominee.

Equally disgusting is that Tillerson is running the country from a Bahama offshore tax haven. That’s right–the profits are not taxable.

So many businesses are hiding profits from our government to avoid taxation. The revelations that the incoming secretary of state is one of them should concern every American.

Theses tax havens are used by many so-called patriotic corporations to their advantage. Imagination the improvements to education and the infrastructure to THIS country if all these funds were taxable.

The secretary of state has the power to drop sanctions against a country with the approval of the president. When two billionaires who care only about themselves take office, it is a certainty that the sanctions against Russia will be dropped.

The idea of a Secretary of State profiting from a tax haven and lucrative deals with a despotic ruler is terrifying. It should make every American question Tillerson and Trump’s motives for his nomination.

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