WATCH: Russians Release Horrifying Message, “Washington Is Ours” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has repeatedly denied that the Russians helped him win the presidency. Now, though, it’s clearer than ever that Russia installed Trump in a bloodless coup.

Aleksandr Dugin, or “Putin’s Rasputin,” just dropped a major and horrifying bombshell. This close adviser to Putin just announced that “Washington is ours.”

The American intelligence community has revealed that Putin personally ordered the hacks that helped Trump. Over in Russia, Dugin is now all but confirming this nightmarish reality.

“So Washington is ours…Kishinev is ours…Sofia is ours,” Dugin said. “All that is left is to drain the swamp in Russia itself.”

The scary thing about Dugin is that he likes Trump because Trump is a violent monster. You honestly have to read this for yourself to believe it.

“He is crude America, without gloss and the globalist elite,” Dugin said. “He is sometimes disgusting and violent, but he is what he is.”

The irony here is insane, if not tragic. We liberals here in America hate Trump because he is “disgusting and violent.”

Trump can lie to us left and right, but his friends over in Russia are telling the truth. And the truth is that Trump’s victory was because Putin ordained it.

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