BREAKING: U.S. Spy EXPOSES Russian Plot To DESTROY Hillary For Trump. [DETAILS]

Spies working for the U.S. have just dropped a truth bomb about Russia that proves foreign agents are undermining our democracy. A Russian military officer was heard bragging about taking down Hillary Clinton and creating havoc in the 2016 presidential election.

Time Magazine’s chilling report contains some pretty sickening information. The Russian officer wanted revenge on Clinton because she angered President Vladimir Putin while serving as Secretary of State.

Putin has publicly accused Hillary Clinton of working against him in the past. He claimed that she launched an operation against him and Russia.

He also blamed her for protests that broke out in more than 70 Russian cities in 2011. Additionally, Putin claims that Clinton sent a “signal” to Russian demonstrators, and the State Department worked with her to fuel unrest in Russia.

If this were true, such an operation would require presidential approval. Sources who gave the story to Time say that it’s highly unlikely President Obama would have approved this type of operation.

The Russian intelligence officer bragged about creating chaos in the U.S. Presidential election some six months before the November vote, in May 2016.

At the time, the U.S. spies who overheard and recorded the conversation did not fully understand the implications his words. They didn’t realize the scope of this Russian operation until the election, and now Donald Trump gets to call himself President of the United States.

Polls and pundits predicted a Clinton victory in the weeks leading up the vote but were left staring with shocked faces at live TV cameras on election night. The Trump campaign used fake news stories, hacked emails, and social media bots to sway public opinion against Hillary.

And it worked, up to a point. Clinton did win the popular vote (despite what Trump may claim), but the Electoral College sided in favor of Trump.

Several government agencies are now investigating Russian interference in the U.S. election. These agencies are also investigating whether Trump or his team knowingly and willfully worked with Russia to undermine American democracy.

We already know that Trump and his staff received money from and communicated with Russia in the weeks leading up to Election Day. Several people tied to Trump also lied about or omitted this information while being vetted for their top government roles.

Some people who may be tied to the scandal, such as former national security advisor Michael Flynn, have already left the White House. Others, like Donald Trump, remain in power.

POLL: Is Trump only President because of Russia?

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This story is enough to make your skin crawl. It creates a sickening feeling in the stomach to know that Russia is capable of influencing our presidency from the other side of the world.

But going to war with Russia may not help—though it’s easy to have that reaction. Removing Putin from power won’t help—though that’s what he deserves.

Only an informed, free-thinking society populated with people who know the real facts can combat this type of election tampering. Only real facts are strong enough to stand against the fake ones, and only people who are informed about what they’re voting for should be casting a ballot at all.

There is a way to beat Russia at their own game—and it’s by keeping people informed with real information that stands strong even against lies, fake news, and social media garbage. So please spread this story on Facebook, spread the truth. Spread the facts.

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