BREAKING: Russian Mobster Spills The Beans, Trump Did This 2 Times A Day For 10 Yrs

According to a Russian Mobster, Donald Trump continuously spoke with him for ten years. Trump’s Russian partners are starting to spill the beans on him.

This bombshell involves convicted felon and Russian mobster Felix Sater. It turns out that Sater used to work for Trump.

According to the Moscow media, Sater used to talk with Trump a whole lot before and during the campaign. This 2016 article shows that Sater was very involved in Trump’s run for president.

The story says that Sater admitted that he was in contact with the Trump campaign during the election. Sater also tried to start a secret peace plan between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine.

Sater also said that he met Trump several years ago and has been in contact with him for ten years. In fact, sometimes he and Trump would talk twice a day.

Sater also says during the interview that he worked as an agent for the FBI and CIA in Trump’s organization. These agencies had already convicted Sater for racketeering in 1998.

They wanted Sater to help them ferret out more racketeering scams in places like Trump’s Soho hotel. Sater also says that Trump knew he was working for the Feds at that time.

Trump, however, says that he’s never even met Sater. He seems to think that Sater never even worked for him.

Trump even said as much under oath during a civil lawsuit. According to Trump, he wouldn’t even recognize Sater if he met him.

Trump said in a deposition, “If he [Sater] were sitting in the room right now, I really wouldn’t know what he looked like.”

It must be nice to have selective amnesia like Trump. He’s able to forget all the crimes he’s committed and all the criminals he’s worked with.

That includes all the Russians he’s had contact with, like Sater. According to Trump, however, he’s never met with another Russian ever in his whole life.

Has Donald Trump been colluding with Russia for years?

President Trump keeps saying that he doesn’t know any Russians and that he hasn’t done much business in Russia.

But convicted Russian mobster Felix Sater says that he was in contact with Trump for ten years.

Do you think that Trump has colluded with the Russian government and mob for years? Share your opinion in the poll below.

That includes Russian businessmen and government officials. But the more adamantly Trump denies it, the more the truth comes out.

For example, we know that two of Trump’s companies are in Russian tax havens. That alone ties him to Russian billionaires.

But Trump’s also done real-estate deals with Russian Oligarchs. And many of these men have ties to the Russian mob and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And if Sater’s right, then Trump’s been working with Russians for at least a decade. There’s no telling how deep Trump’s Russian ties go.

So Trump’s a fraud who used his Russian ties to help him win the presidency. You can help us expose his ties to Russia, however, by sharing this story on Facebook.

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