ALERT: Russia Connection Located, Trump Implicated

A data firm that worked for the Trump campaign may have connections to the Russian government. So the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is investigating the company.

Cambridge Analytica provided voter profiling services to the Trump campaign. The firm says it can provide a “psychographic” picture of voters so that campaigns can target their message to a certain personality type.

There’s some concern that this firm has links to the Kremlin, though. And the level of sophistication needed for this type of analysis matches what the Russians used to target their Facebook ads.

Cambridge Analytica didn’t just work on the U.S. campaign, though. They also helped British voters to vote in favor of leaving the European Union.

According to the Guardian’s Sunday Observer, however, the company has worked in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Iran and Moldova. And those contacts have raised some eyebrows with congressional investigators.

The Observer stated, “Multiple Cambridge Analytica sources have revealed other links to Russia, including trips to the country, meetings with executives from Russian state-owned companies, and references by SCL [Cambridge Analytica’s UK affiliate] employees to working for Russian entities.”

Worse yet, Cambridge Analytica is owned by billionaire Robert Mercer. And Mercer was a megadonor to Donald Trump’s campaign.

Mercer’s actively involved in Republican causes and has been one of Trump’s strongest supporters. But this man’s beliefs will leave you disturbed.

Mercer thinks that the Civil Rights Act was a major mistake. He also believes that human beings have no “inherent value.”

It’s no wonder that Mercer has aligned with the racist Trump. He sees Trump’s presidency as a way to force his evil beliefs on our country.

Mercer’s also best buddies with Trump ally and former chief strategist Steve Bannon. In fact, Bannon sat on the board of Cambridge Analytica and had holdings in the company worth several million dollars.

POLL: Did Trump’s data company collude with Russia?

Donald Trump used a data company with potential ties with Russia during the campaign.

So congressional investigators have started to investigate this company for possible collusion with Russia.

Do you think data company Cambridge Analytica colluded with the Russians during the election? Tell us what you think in this poll.

So Mercer and his data company have their hands all over Trump’s campaign. And the Kremlin may have its hands all over Cambridge Analytica.

That’s why the House committee has taken a strong interest in the company. Congressional investigators have asked Cambridge Analytica to turn over documents.

So far, the company says it’s cooperating with the probe. But it also tried to spread the blame for their potential wrongdoing to other companies that worked on the Trump campaign.

A Cambridge Analytica spokesperson said, “As one of the companies that played a prominent role in the election campaign, Cambridge Analytica has been asked by the House Intelligence Committee to provide it with information that might help its investigation. We believe that other organizations that worked on the campaign have been asked to do the same.”

This could finally be the link between the Trump team and the Kremlin. Share this story on Facebook if you think the Trump campaign worked with Russia.

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