WATCH: Palm Beach Residents HUMILIATE Trump to His FACE in New Viral Video

Residents of Palm Beach are fed up with Donald Trump’s costly trips to his private resort. Their protests along Trump’s motorcade expressed their contempt for the vacationer-in-chief.

While making one of his weekly trips to his luxury resort, Trump’s motorcade passed a group of irate residents. And they carried signs that expressed their contempt for America’s newly elected fuehrer.

At the end of the line of protestors was a sign that summarized the Trump administration. The sign read “LIAR!!” No truer words sum up the Trump administration.

The signs also expressed resident’s contempt for Trump’s policies that affect the residents of Park lm Beach. Since 15 percent of Palm Beach County’s residents are 65 years of age or over, Trump’s healthcare proposals will affect them.

Seniors can expect a 750 percent increase in their healthcare premiums if Trumpcare passes. And Medicare coverage is under fire by Congressional Republicans and Trump that will greatly impact all seniors in the country.

There are also plenty of warnings of what is to come for seniors. The American Association of Retired Persons warned seniors of the increase in their premiums and drug prices if Trumpcare becomes law.

AARP’s national magazine, which goes out to over thirty million seniors, urged seniors to take action, and they did. According to the publication, Representative and Senators received millions of calls and Emails from seniors opposing Trumpcare.

Another point of contention for Palm Beach residents is the costs and inconvenience incurred to their community by Trump’s many vacations. Imagine having to wait for the presidential motorcade to pass every time Trump decides to move. It would frustrate any of us!

Plus, the local airport shuts down every time Trump flies into town. Approaching aircraft have to circle until Trump leaves the airport. What a weekly inconvenience to the local community.

And the cost of security to the community is outrageous. Local law enforcement has to help the Secret Service assure Trump’s security each time he goes to Palm Beach.

Local officials have to block all intersections as the motorcade passes and assure that no one impedes its passage. These additional security procedures are costly to a mid-size community as Palm Beach.

In fact, Palm Beach spent over 1.4 million dollars to cover the costs for Trump’s many vacations. That is not a big number for the federal government, but it is huge for a community.

And there is no reimbursement for the community. The unexpected costs come out of the city’s budget and could result in cutting important programs so that the vacationer-in-chief can travel to his resort.

Palm Beach officials are trying to get the federal government to reimburse the county for Trump’s expenses. Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary Lou Berger contacted the Department of Homeland Security to discuss reimbursement but got nowhere with them.

She stated that “They were polite, but that’s where they stopped. I did not get a lot of encouragement.”

But County Commissioner Dave Kerner took matters into his own hands. He introduced a resolution that would classify Mar-a-Lago as a “municipal service benefit unit.”

With this classification, Mar-a-Lago would pay a tax that would help to relieve some of the financial burdens to the Palm Beach community. It is the only fair thing for the community to do since the federal government refuses to reimburse them for Trump’s many travels to the area.

Kudos to the Palm Beach community for showing their contempt for Donald Trump. Who knows, they might get reimbursement if they continue to voice their opinions and tax the hell out of Trump’s holdings.

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